Effective November 1, 2023, the HOA management company has opted not to renew the management contract.  Please address all questions to
[email protected]


NICK TIPTON was appointed on October 30, 2023 to fill the vacancy left by Steve Norman's resignation.
His term expires on October 3, 2024.

SYBIL PARKS was elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on October 3, 2023.

She will serve a term of three years.  She may be contacted at [email protected]


We would like to share with you the voting process for the HOA and what effect it can have on you.

1.  Ballots can be delivered in person (whether that be at a meeting or door to door) or via mail.  At this time, we chose walking door to door to hand deliver to keep costs down.

2.  The Committee offers turn in dates for the ballots.

3.  The Committee will then need to go door to door again to attempt collection of any outstanding ballots.

4.  The remainder of the outstanding ballots will then need to be mailed to the Homeowners who did not turn one in.  This will cost approximately $2.00 per household, which includes printing, supplies and postage.

The HOA is still struggling financially.  The ballot preparation was not free.  The cost to mail outstanding ballots will be approximately $2.00 per household.

The Huntleigh Ridge DCCR Committee is a panel of RESIDENTS representing RESIDENTS' interests in this neighborhood.  It is not the Board trying to underhandedly make changes.  We have all invested a lot of hard-earned money in our homes, which, in most cases, is our largest asset, and we want to keep our neighborhood looking good and well taken care of.

Finally, if anyone is choosing not to vote because they think "if we don't vote, then nothing will pass," just keep in mind that you are unnecessarily costing yourselves and everyone else money.  If you do not agree, then vote no.  If you do not vote, then you have no voice.

Thank You,
Villages at Huntleigh Ridge HOA
DCCR Committee


The Villages at Huntleigh Ridge is a contemporary, warm, and family-friendly community in the green expanse of beautiful Wentzville, MO with a cozy, rural atmosphere yet close to major roadways and top-rated Wentzville schools.  Our amenities include a community pool with changing facilities/restrooms, a picnic pavilion and playground.

The Villages at Huntleigh Ridge Homeowners Association works on behalf of the residents to maintain, protect and improve the HOA common areas and help to ensure the preservation of property values.

In June, 2022 the HOA was turned over to the Homeowners and a Board of Directors was elected.

Effective November 1, 2023, the HOA management company has opted not to renew the management contract.  Please address all questions to [email protected]


City of Wentzville contact info:
636-327-5101 City phone number


(636) 327-5105

Sergeant Jacob Schmidt                                Officer Ben Childers           
PIO/Community Relations Officer                    Business/Residential Liaison Officer
(636) 639-2107                                                (636) 639-2171
[email protected]                   [email protected]

Mayor Nick Guccione

(636) 639-0354
[email protected]

Alderman-Ward 2                                           Alderman-Ward 2
Robert Hussey                                                Jordan Broviak
(636) 655-0931                                                (636) 466-6033
[email protected]                    [email protected]





Be sure to check the City of Wentzville calendar for Large Trash Pick Up, Spring
Chipper Program, City Holidays, etc.

Also....don't forget to check the City of Wentzville calendar for upcoming events